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July 2013 Update

  •  Partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) accelerated the opening of a new distribution center at Twin Lakes Fellowship in Cedar Park. ADRN and C3 were able to mobilize quickly and provide for assistance to recent fire victims. This was a wonderful example of the Body of Christ coming together in magnificent fashion. As we recognize there is a personal disaster in our community each day, C3 is open and available to help those in need at all times.
  • C3 is supporting the Bastrop Long Term Recovery Team in their home rebuilds for Central Texas fire victims. We were blessed to participate in the 50th house rebuild dedication and house number 73 is almost completed. Approximately $30,000 materials have been donated thus far and we will continue to support this initiative.
  • Our partners at Victory Christian Center (VCC) have hosted “Single Moms” support events and C3 was able to provide for approximately $120,000 of materials for these underserved individuals.
  • C3 was thrilled to partner again with VCC in refurbishing cottages for the Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock. We were able to give approx $20,000 in material donations for these endeavors.
  • Grace Community Resource Center of East Austin (Pastor Abraham Perez’s church and our first warehouse) is evolving to provide for life skills training and a 24/7 place of worship and learning. This facility is currently providing ESL, financial training, electrician classes, divorce care and pregnancy center.  Seeking assistance for accelerated build out of ten more classrooms. World Vision and Campus Crusade (among others) have expressed interest in the development of curriculum once classrooms are built.
  • C3 now has two physical distribution centers and plan and prayers are to expand operations into Lake Travis area and beyond. Desire is to facilitate the expansion of these centers into full community resource centers with the help of our partners.
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