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September 2010 Testimonials


Flood Victim

Post the recent Austin downpours, C3 was able to deliver a new carpet for a single woman in the Round Rock area whose house was completely flooded. Her future son -in-law, who just had motorcycle accident and is now paraplegic, was returning from rehab to live with her. HCBC Hope Ministry volunteers were able to make repairs and lay the carpet just upon his return. This woman was touched by the generosity that God had planned for her ahead of time as C3 had obtained the carpet just a day before the disaster.

Baby Supplies.

A local missionary woman needed everything for a new baby. C3, through HCBC SOS ministry, was able to give them pack and play, stroller, clothes, diapers, two identical (same frequency) baby monitors ( one for Mom that just had  surgery and one for the baby) and bathtub.  She praised God for giving her a “baby shower from heaven”.

C3, through a local ministry, was able to provide items for an unwed Mom being discipled through Wholly Committed Ministries.  A stroller, pack ‘n play, bathtub, clothes, diapers, baby monitor, bottles, and much more was provided due to the Lord’s grace.  Sheila wept with joy as she loaded the items in the van. God is good all the time…

Children’s Books.

Through C3’s book donation program, we were able to present new children’s books to the following ministries: 32 to Lakeway Church, 40 to Ebenezer Family Worship Center, 30 to Hill Country Bible Church Christian School. Each book is desired to be passed along once the child completes to another child in the hopes of remaining in circulation. A label has been developed reading “Presented by Grace from the Lord to _____, and then passed on with blessings to ______. “.”He has caused His wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate. Psalm 111:4”.


Utilizing the donation of 100 “period” recliner chairs, C3 creatively responded to the immediate needs of three assisted-living homes. Each individual resident was delighted with their delivered recliner.

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