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Stand in the Gap


Posted on February 10, 2011 by amberbeaman

Love can be shown through giving, and Christian Compassion Center does just that.

Here’s a response from one who received (Stand in the Gap Ministries), to the one who gave (C3): …As we opened the boxes there were enough new items for everyone at the house (The Ginger House) to have NEW sheets, pillows, blankets, bath mats, lamps, house shoes, and down comforters.  The next day, I was interviewing one of the new residents and the little seven year old girl was so excited to have a fresh new pillow.  She squealed with glee, ‘Mom, we have a pillow without anyone else’s germs on it!’  She was also thrilled that there was a pink comforter for her bed. It would be difficult for me to do the best job possible for Jesus without other Christian organizations like C3 partnering with me for these large projects.  I value the way C3 is always available to me and open to hunting down items I need to help the hurting and brokenhearted of the Greater Austin Area. Christian Compassion Center has provided invaluable resources and networking for all our projects to date and is actively helping us with our long-range projects.  Christian Compassion Center is following the biblical example of the “storehouse,” providing tangible resources to people in need.

-Jacki Nell Gilfillan, President & Founder, Stand in the Gap Ministries

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