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Christian Compassion Center 2013 Highlights

11/2013 – Halloween Flood Donation Center Opened with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN)

To serve the 2013 Halloween flood victims, C3 was able to mobilize with ADRN to set up a donation center in South Austin in partnership with Oak Meadow Baptist Church to provide relief for those affected. A wonderful example of the Body of Christ coming together.
C3 will have an ongoing footprint in the South Austin area to continue to serve those impacted by the flooding.

Bastrop Long Term Recovery Team

C3 has been blessed with being able to donate in excess of $100,000 of materials to BCLTRT. We were able to participate in their 50th house rebuild celebration for these Central Texas fire victims.Many more rebuilds in the plans and and we will continue to support this wonderful organization.

Texas Baptist Children’s Home

We were very excited to partner with Victory Christian Center in their refurbishing of 8 cottages on the campus of Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock, Texas.
C3 was able to provide approximately $80,000 of donated supplies to assist .
Note from Chelsea Survovey:
“Thank you for blessing Family Care with your time and gifts. The gifts meet a physical need but also a spiritual one, the grace and love Jesus being displayed to the mothers and children.
Thanks again for all you do.
God Bless,
Chelsea Survey
FLC Cottage 10″

Single Mom’s Events and Home Refurbishing with VCC

Our partnership with Victory Christian Center  (VCC) and Austin Pregnancy Resource Center (APRC) is ongoing. To date, two Single Mom’s events have taken place to allow for 200+ single moms to receive donated materials under the good stewardship of VCC and APRC. In addition, they have been able to refurbish a number of homes in this under served community. C3 was able to donate in excess of $250,000 of materials for these events and we look forward to supporting them in their upcoming endeavors.

July 2013 Update
  •  Partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) accelerated the opening of a new distribution center at Twin Lakes Fellowship in Cedar Park. ADRN and C3 were able to mobilize quickly and provide for assistance to recent fire victims. This was a wonderful example of the Body of Christ coming together in magnificent fashion. As we recognize there is a personal disaster in our community each day, C3 is open and available to help those in need at all times.
  • C3 is supporting the Bastrop Long Term Recovery Team in their home rebuilds for Central Texas fire victims. We were blessed to participate in the 50th house rebuild dedication and house number 73 is almost completed. Approximately $30,000 materials have been donated thus far and we will continue to support this initiative.
  • Our partners at Victory Christian Center (VCC) have hosted “Single Moms” support events and C3 was able to provide for approximately $120,000 of materials for these underserved individuals.
  • C3 was thrilled to partner again with VCC in refurbishing cottages for the Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock. We were able to give approx $20,000 in material donations for these endeavors.
  • Grace Community Resource Center of East Austin (Pastor Abraham Perez’s church and our first warehouse) is evolving to provide for life skills training and a 24/7 place of worship and learning. This facility is currently providing ESL, financial training, electrician classes, divorce care and pregnancy center.  Seeking assistance for accelerated build out of ten more classrooms. World Vision and Campus Crusade (among others) have expressed interest in the development of curriculum once classrooms are built.
  • C3 now has two physical distribution centers and plan and prayers are to expand operations into Lake Travis area and beyond. Desire is to facilitate the expansion of these centers into full community resource centers with the help of our partners.

Love that Gives

Posted on February 10, 2011 by amberbeaman

Love can be shown through giving, and Christian Compassion Center does just that.

Here’s a response from one who received (Stand in the Gap Ministries), to the one who gave (C3): …As we opened the boxes there were enough new items for everyone at the house (The Ginger House) to have NEW sheets, pillows, blankets, bath mats, lamps, house shoes, and down comforters.  The next day, I was interviewing one of the new residents and the little seven year old girl was so excited to have a fresh new pillow.  She squealed with glee, ‘Mom, we have a pillow without anyone else’s germs on it!’  She was also thrilled that there was a pink comforter for her bed. It would be difficult for me to do the best job possible for Jesus without other Christian organizations like C3 partnering with me for these large projects.  I value the way C3 is always available to me and open to hunting down items I need to help the hurting and brokenhearted of the Greater Austin Area. Christian Compassion Center has provided invaluable resources and networking for all our projects to date and is actively helping us with our long-range projects.  Christian Compassion Center is following the biblical example of the “storehouse,” providing tangible resources to people in need.

-Jacki Nell Gilfillan, President & Founder, Stand in the Gap Ministries


Introduction to the Christian Compassion Center – ABBA Connect Emag 

Christian Compassion Center By Marcy LytleWhat if…all excess inventory that’s discarded by major retail outlets found its way into the homes of those in need, instead of atop a pile of junk at our area landfills? What if…local churches and faith-based ministries, who are keenly aware of those in need in our area, came together to relieve the distressed individuals in Austin? And what if…through these acts of kindness, the recipients of these gifts came to know the love of Christ? This is exactly the vision of the Christian Compassion Center (C3).  In fact, it’s already a reality.In January 2010, local Austin businessmen Mark Wiggins and Bob Smith started an initiative to supply material goods to Austin’s disadvantaged. Mark Shackelford, Managing Director of the C3, states, “Our hope and ongoing vision is to do whatever we can, in accordance to the Lord’s will, to accentuate the bringing together of the Body of Christ and to have a significant impact on relieving distress to individuals in Austin and beyond, and at the same time spread The Good News!”C3 delivered new carpet for a single woman whose house was flooded in the recent heavy downpours.  “This woman was touched by the generosity that God had planned for her ahead of time as C3 had obtained the carpet just a day before the disaster,” states Mark.  Another awesome story is one of a local missionary who needed “everything” for a new baby.  C3, through HCBC Servants on Standby ministry, was able to give what the mom called “a baby shower from heaven.”Christian Compassion Center believes that “Austin is a city of mercy, peace, and refuge.” They have chosen to be a part of fulfilling this mission, through I John 3:17, “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”If you’d like to become involved in supporting C3, visit They also encourage any contact from retail stores that presently have no productive use for returned or outdated merchandise. “As stewards of the Lord, we ensure that these much needed resources are distributed to those in most need of assistance,” affirms Shackelford.  If you know of someone in need of help, please look at the many ministries listed on and Christian Compassion Center.Making the “what if’s” become the real deals”!__________________________________________________________________________