Central Texas Fire Relief

C3 has been actively engaged in relief efforts for Central Texas fire victims. In fact, this has consumed much of our time, however out of this tragedy, the Lord is manifesting himself in grand fashion. We are still accepting donations and our volunteers, with our partners ministries’ help, are delivering to those in dire need and are able share the Good News upon delivery.

From our partner ministries:

“This is Judy and her daughter that has extensive burns on her arms from a narrow escape from the fire in Bastrop that took everything they owned. The new bedding, pillows. towels and words of encouragement were a true blessing. “You are like an Angel in our darkest time! Thank you! We went from having everything to a heap of ashes! You have really helped us a lot” , Judy.

“This is baby Micheal and his Mom. Marie is in rehab and trying to regain custody. The family that is keeping Michael needed everything! C3 provided a beautiful baby bed, diapers, high chair and clothes to make the short detour easier. Baby Michael had never had his own bed. His first night in the bed, he slept better than ever before!”

Lighthouse Ministry

C3, working with The Lakeway Church, continues to support the growing Lighthouse Ministry of Enrique & Miriam Rivera in Apache Shores.

Recently a young mother in crisis approached Miriam requesting encouragement on her faith journey.  Miriam invited the woman to Sunday Service which she accepted, and following an emotional conversation, a plan was instigated to belay some of the fears & financial frustrations.

C3 was able to supply a number of tangible goods (crib, baby monitors, bath, bottle warmers\sterizers, pacifiers, clothing, etc) while Pastor Enrique and Miriam were able to minister to their spiritual needs.

Wonderful to see acts of giving and kindness representing Christ’s love and a conduit for spreading the Good News.

Church Ministry Assistance

From Hill Country Bible Church NW:

In the last 2 months C3 has provided our us with bedding goods, baby products, and other items for families in need.

For all that and for the availability and readiness to assist people in need we are deeply grateful.

For the Spanish Ministry at Hill Country Bible Church,

Raul Hernandez

Spanish Pastor


Lake Travis High School Infant Care

Note from Barbara Brown:

“Bob: I’m counting on “a picture tells the whole story!” As you can tell we have children trying to parent children. Truly, it takes a village and a measure of faith to take care of these teen moms now in an adult world. You have been a huge piece of that for me and for them. All of the things you have given have gone to some very needy homes. When things we need just magically show up it allows me to focus in on the intellectual, emotional & spiritual needs of these young women. Thanks again for your part in all of this! Barbara Brown”

Stand in the Gap Ministries

Christian Compassion Center (C3) is a wonderful support ministry for Stand in the Gap Ministries  Their volunteers supply us with household items from large home improvement chain stores, baby stores, etc. We are able to provide tangible need items for homeless or poverty level people because of the faithful dedication of Bob Smith and Mark Shackleford and their tireless efforts of acquiring donations for the precious people we serve.  Stand in the Gap Ministries is preparing the Ginger House, a transitional home for Single Women and Single Moms ( with younger children), for occupancy this Friday.  I was elated when a large delivery from Christian Compassion Center showed up at the Ginger House.  As we opened the boxes there were enough new items for everyone at the house to have NEW sheets, pillows, blankets, bath mats, lamps, house shoes, and down comforters.  The next day, I was interviewing one of the new residents and the little seven year old girl was so excited to have a fresh new pillow.  She squealed with glee, “Mom, we have a pillow without anyone else’s germs on it!”  Homelessness is very hard on young children. She was also thrilled that there was a pink comforter for her bed. Christian Compassion Center is also helping to provide  materials and shower doors for a Greenhouse and doing repairs and final punch list to prepare the home for it’s new occupants.  It would be difficult for me to do the best job possible for Jesus without other Christian organizations like C3 partnering with me for these large projects.  I value the way C3 is always available to me and open to hunting down items I need to help the hurting and brokenhearted of the Greater Austin Area.  Stand in the Gap Ministries with the help of C3 will be opening 3 Transitional Homes by June 30th and our long range goal of building a Green Sustainable Apartment Complex for homeless to get them training, jobs, spiritual guidance, life skills and help in  all areas of life to get them off the welfare rolls.  Christian Compassion Center has provided invalueable resources and networking for all our projects to date and are actively helping us with our long range projects.  Christian Compassion Center is following the biblical example of the  “storehouse”, providing tangible resources to people in need.

October 2010 Testimonials

  • I am a volunteer at the Christian Women’s Job Corp for a long period of time. C3 has been a need that we have seen. I live in a Retirement Villa called St, George’s Court. Because of C3 and Bob Smith and Mark a young man in a wheelchair moved into an empty apartment and now he has been blessed with everything. Blessings. Blessings. Another resident with a serious lung disease has received a new couch from C-3. A homeless man that acquired his apartment now has furniture. Another gentlemen with severe diabetics has two lovely red vintage chairs. The hope and the joy and the thankfulness these individuals express because of C-3 Ministry is what makes GOD happy.But this testimony is not over, recently the Compassion Center hosted a Saturday cook out for the residents here at St. George’s that was such a lovely fellowship in the Autumn setting around the gazebo.THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  • C3, by the Lord’s good grace, was able to obtain and deliver approx 300 sets of toddler outfits and 100 bibs to the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center just in time for their boutique fall setup. We are never amazed by His glorious timing!

September 2010 Testimonials

  • Post the recent Austin downpours, C3 was able to deliver a new carpet for a single woman in the Round Rock area whose house was completely flooded. Her future son-in-law, who just had motorcycle accident and is now paraplegic, was returning from rehab to live with her. Hill Country Bible Church NW’s (HCBC) Hope Ministry volunteers were able to make repairs and lay carpet just upon his return. This woman was touched by the generosity that God had planned for her ahead of time as C3 had obtained the carpet just a day before the disaster.
  • A local missionary woman needed everything for a new baby. C3, through HCBC’s SOS (Servants On Standby) ministry, was able to give them pack and play, stroller, clothes, diapers, two identical (same frequency) baby monitors ( one for Mom that just had  surgery and one for the baby) and bathtub.  She praised God for giving her a “baby shower from heaven”.
  • C3 was able to provide items for an unwed Mom being discipled through Wholly Committed Ministries.  A stroller, pack ‘n play, bathtub, clothes, diapers, baby monitor, bottles, and much more was provided due to the Lord’s grace.  Sheila wept with joy as she loaded the items in the van. God is good all the time…
  • Through C3’s book donation program, we were able to present new children’s books to the following ministries: 32 to Lakeway Church, 40 to Ebenezer Family Worship Center, 30 to Hill Country Bible Church Christian School. Each book is desired to be passed along once the child completes to another child in the hopes of remaining in circulation. A label has been developed reading “Presented by Grace from the Lord to _____, and then passed on with blessings to ______. “.”He has caused His wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate. Psalm 111:4”.
  • Utilizing the donation of 100 “period” recliner chairs, C3 creatively responded to the immediate needs of three assisted-living homes. Each individual resident was delighted with their delivered recliner.

The Lord, C3 & Local Austin Ministries Respond to Urgent Family Need

  • In 2008, Audra, an industrious Building Contractor and mother of six, was diagnosed with the debilitating disease of Multiple Sclerosis. Shortly thereafter, the disease incapacitated her to wheelchair status and unemployment. Her husband, John, a construction worker, subsequently endured a serious back injury that has limited him to part-time work only. Their reduction in income forced them to downsize to a 700 sq ft home and, of course, this financial predicament continues to challenge them. It has not however, impacted their faith or their love for the Lord.

On Thursday 26th August, 2010 after a random inspection of their home by Child Protective Services of Texas (CPS), they were charged with the violations of “Beds too close together. Full-Height partitions required”. “We will have to take custody of your children unless a triple bunk bed & custom constructed child bed are in place by Saturday.” were the comments of inspector Johnson. “Also, there must be eight foot tall partitions around the beds.” All to be completed by the following Saturday. Frantically, John & Audra designed a custom bed that John could construct and subsequently identified a materials cost of two hundred dollars. They possessed all tools necessary but lacked the resources to acquire the materials.

In desperation, Audra called Wyndy P. who broadcast an emergency e-mail Thursday evening to the Christian Compassion Center of Austin, (C3) a new resource-coordinating volunteer organization. C3 immediately addressed this urgent issue and mobilized. Friday morning all contacts were established and by Friday afternoon, arrangements had been made for John to drive with a trailer to C3 on Saturday morning. By 10 am Saturday morning, volunteers from C3 & Movin’ & Grovin’ had loaded a double bunk bed with a slide-below trundle together with new elegant, eight foot tall curtain partitions & rods all adequate to satisfy Child Protective Services. C3 also provided funding to family for purchase of all building materials necessary for John & their two sons to construct the necessary second bed arrangement. Tom L., a volunteer of C3 who had previously been empowered by C3 to reconstruct his home, was able to assist in the movement of materials to their San Antonio home and at the same time pick up and deliver a refrigerator for yet another needy family.

From Audra: “I just wanted to thank you again and again for all your help! I felt a very strong sense of service in your hearts and I wish there was more I could do to help! I actually cry when I think of yall but I’m a cry baby, lol! What a world we would have if everyone were the same. There was a sense of Christ like love given to me that I needed!!!!!”

The Christian Comapassion Center’s hope and vision is that this kind of cooperation among Austin ministries becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Praise the Lord and Believing For His Harvest!

  • Lighthouse Ministries – Lakeway, Texas:

Rev Enrique & Miriam Rivera, Lighthouse Ministries: “The Christian Compassion Center has been instrumental in the construction of our Church & for assisting members of the congregation. God has sent them to give families hope & faith.”